At DFL our employees are enthusiastic about reporting to work every day.
We believe that work is more than just assigned functionalities, it is how we come together to embrace change; develop and redefine skills to improve things for better, create synergy to achieve tasks and harness the positive energy of our talents and nature to create a system that delivers optimum value and quality to our customers.

  • Environmental and Social Responsibility - determination to be good environmental stewards preventing and minimizing impacts on the local, regional and global environment. These commitment to our environment extends to our customers, staff, and communities in which we operate 
  • Customer Satisfaction - our quest for excellence is aimed at meeting and exceeding customer expectations, hence we commit to global standards in all our operations
  • Quality - our standard to achieve excellence and unmatched result for all satisfaction


Km 5 Ajase-ipo - Offa Road, Amberi village, Kwara state


Phone: +234 (0700) DAYNTEEFARMS 
Mobile: +234 (908) 071 5588

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